Training Fee: None
Duration: March 14-25, 2022 (3 Zoom Sessions in the morning of March 14, 18 & 25; 3-4 hours/session)
Credits: 16 hours of advanced OSH-related training
Training Type: Self-Paced Webinar Workshop
Platform Used:  Zoom Cloud Meeting and Google Classroom
Priority Participants: One (1) participant per company only


A. Participants must have any one (1) of the following courses from any DOLE accredited/recognized training organizations/institutions or any government recognized institutions or UP-CPH:
i.  Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) training
ii.  Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) training/Construction Safety Training (CST)
iii.  Basic Course on Occupational Medicine (BCOM)
iv.  Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) Training for Nurses

B. For Drug Assessment Team Training, participants must have taken and completed the free Online Appreciation Course for a Drug-Free Workplace Exam.

C. Participants must be currently employed and preferably any of these in the company:
i.  Human Resource Personnel
ii.  Program Manager
iii.  Member of the Safety and Health Committee

D. Participants are required to make their own Google Account using the email address with <> domain name. Those who have non-Google Accounts will not be accepted for registration and access to Google Classroom.

E. Participants shall upload and submit the following in this online registration form:
i.  PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT-ISSUED ID (front and back in .pdf or .jpg format)
ii.  COMPANY ID (front and back in .pdf or .jpg format)
iii.  2×2 ID PICTURE (Specifications: White background, .jpeg/.jpg file format, taken in the last 6 months. Note: Selfies not accepted)
iv. BOSH or COSH/CST CERTIFICATE (for safety officers, in .pdf or .jpg format)
v.  BOSH for NURSES CERTIFICATE (for nurse participants, in .pdf or .jpg format)
vi. BASIC OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE CERTIFICATE (for physician participants, in .pdf or .jpg format)

F. Participants must have a working laptop, microphone, speakers/earphones/headphones, and webcam.

Register and upload your requirements by clicking the button below.

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