The Occupational Safety and Health Center Regional Extension Unit XI is offering a FREE Online BOSH for SO1 trainingΒ for Micro and Small Enterprise (MSEs) with less than 50 employees onΒ March 10-11, 2021Β (Wednesday – Thursday) and March 24-25, 2021 (Wednesday and Thursday). Limited slots only.

We will NOT accept the following:
🚫 Unemployed registrants
🚫 More than 2 registrants per company
🚫 Minimum technological requirements were not met
🚫 Potentially high-risk establishments. Refer to DO 198 s.2018

BOSH for SO1 is an 8-hour OSH orientation plus 2-hour Training of Trainers designed to impart knowledge and skills on basic concepts and principles of occupational safety and health to enable potential safety officers (SO1-certification) to implement their respective company’s safety and health program.

The schedule is as follows:
Day 1: 8:00AM-3:15pm
Day 2: 8:00AM-3:00pm

Participants are required to use:
πŸ“Œ Either a laptop or desktop with an internal/external webcam and microphone. Mobile devices such as phones or tablets will not be allowed.
πŸ“ŒSpreadsheet and presentation viewing/editing program such as MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Numbers, Keynote, etc.
πŸ“Œ A stable internet connection is recommended (such as Fiber Wi-Fi) and a minimum connection of LTE for mobile broadband users. It is recommended to have 8GB data allowance/promo per day for those with data allocation limits (prepaid cellular/mobile data).

Please be advised on the Online Training Etiquette we observe:
πŸ“Œ Wear a decent attire for the whole day broadcast of your webcam
πŸ“Œ Be respectful when interacting with everyone
πŸ“Œ Be on time

Please wait for the confirmation e-mail to know if you are qualified for the FREE Online BOSH for SO1 training. Within 48 hours, check your email for the confirmation indicating whether your registration was approved or denied. If approved, it will contain information on how to join the training & other reminders.

If denied, it will indicate either of the following reasons:
πŸ“ŒFull slots
πŸ“ŒCompany needs 40-hr BOSH/COSH or MOSH (SO2-certification or higher)
πŸ“ŒResponses did not meet minimum requirements
πŸ“ŒMore than 2 participants per company
πŸ“ŒUnemployed registrant
πŸ“ŒNo means to verify that the company exists

Interested individuals will be screened through the Zoom. Click the button below to register.

πŸ“† March 10-11, 2021:

πŸ“† March 24-25, 2021:

For inquiries kindly call (082) 224-7301