As part of its continuous effort to disseminate relevant OSH information, the OSHC and its Regional Extension Units provided free webinars to workers to raise awareness on safety and health issues, and discuss OSH-related issuances and concerns.

“Safety and health are everyone’s responsibility in whatever sector – private, public, or informal sector,” said Executive Director Ma. Teresita S. Cucueco, MD, CESO III.

A total of 31, 719 individuals from 20, 693 companies benefitted from the 30 episodes of the webinar series conducted this year. Some of the topics discussed were Electrical Safety, Accident Investigation, Scaffolding Safety, Keeping Workplaces Tuberculosis-Free, Work Environment Measurement, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Noise in the Workplace, Calibration of Equipment and Interpretation of Calibration Certificate, Chemical Laboratory Safety, Road Transport Safety, among others.

“OSH begins with the heart, It begins with our wanting to provide that safety and health not just for us, not only for the workplaces, not only for the family but extending it to everyone because this is life. And knowing ways to protect ourselves and to protect others is the first stepping stone towards achieving and understanding how we can improve the well-being of others, our families, communities, and ourselves” added ED Cucueco.