A total of 208 participants from 125 companies and almost a thousand viewers on Facebook benefitted from the free webinar conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Center – Regional Extension Unit (OSHC-REU) XI in partnership with the Department of Health Region XI today, February 4, 2021.

This kamOSHtahan webinar featured discussions on COVID-19 and Mental Health Preservation.

DOLE Region XI Director Ofelia Domingo stated that mental health is as important as physical health especially during this pandemic.

It’s not only about the physical health in this trying time but also mental health…. We need to help each other to better preserve our mental health,” said RD Ofelia.

Mr. Zander Von Baylon, RPhy of DOH-DAVAO talked about Mental Health and Stress Management. Baylon said that being mentally healthy means that an individual can realize his/her own potential, cope with normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, contribute to his/her community. He mentioned that fear, anxiety and stress are natural responses and defense mechanisms of the body to a perceived o real threat. Thus, taking good care of the body by eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, and unwinding and connecting with others are effective ways to cope with the stress caused by the pandemic.

Senior Labor and Employment Officer, Engr. Yolibelle Aviñante discussed the salient features of the JMC 20-04 series of 2020 or the DTI-DOLE Supplemental Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19.

Ms. Marialyn Avanceña, RN of DOH-Davao gave a lecture on COVID-19 detection and isolation in the workplace. She explained the Prevent-Detect-Isolate-Treat-Reintegrate (PDITR) Strategy under the National Action Plan towards the “new normal”. On the other hand, Dr. Girlie Blancada of DOH-Davao talked about contact tracing, and management and care of close contacts. She explained the differences between suspects, probable & confirmed cases and isolation & quarantine.

Mr. Dick Carlo Estrosas, RN discussed the zoning and containment strategy of COVID-19. Under this, areas are classified into four zones: the Critical Zone (CrZ) where the initial number of cases have been identified within the past 7 days, the Containment Zone (CZ) which is adjacent to the critical zone but without any cases, the Buffer Zone (BZ) which refers to areas without new cases but adjacent to the containment zone, and areas outside buffer zones (OBZ) which pertain to all the remaining areas not categorized as CZ or BZ.

Dr. Janis Olavides, Davao Vaccination Team Leader, presented the COVID-19 vaccination plan of Davao City which divided the people to be immunized into three groups. Group A will be composed of frontline health workers both in private and public hospitals, public health workers, barangay health workers, senior citizens, indigents and uniformed personnel. Group B will be comprised of teachers, social workers, other government workers, essential workers outside the health, education and social welfare sector, socio-demographic groups with significantly higher risks, OFWs and the remaining workforce. All remaining citizens will be under Group C.

END/ C Diongzon