Office of the Executive Director
The Office of the Executive Director executes the policies and programs formulated by the OSHC Board; plans, directs, coordinates and controls the administrative and technical operations of the OSHC. It also administers the undertaking of researches and studies in all areas of OSH administration and policy. Likewise, it plans, prepares and oversees the implementation of the annual work program of the agency thru the different divisions of the Center and it serves as a link between the Department of Labor and Employment and other governmental and non-governmental agencies and local and international organizations.
Safety Control Division
The Safety Control Division work primarily for the improvement of workplaces. To this effect, the SCD conducts studies, research and field investigations to prevent work related accidents, improve safety conditions at the workplace and design safety devices and equipment. It also tests Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety devices. SCD formulates technical guidelines and testing procedures for performance checks and various industrial machinery. Finally, SCD provides technical assistance to policy-making authorities on the formulation and application of safety rules, regulations and standards.
Health Control Division
The Health Control Division focuses on the prevention of work related-illnesses and diseases. It carries out research, studies and consultations in close cooperation with sectoral organizations, agencies and individuals on such issues.
Environment Control Division
The Environment Control Division work primarily towards eliminating work environment hazards and their effects. It conducts basic and practical researches to determine the presence of harmful environment contaminants. ECD also carries out work environment measurement to evaluate levels of exposure to chemicals like solvents, heavy metals, toxic gases and physical agents like noise, heat, vibration and illuminations. It also evaluates existing ventilation system and recommends control measures to eliminate hazards.
Training and Public Information Division
The Training and Public Information Division aims at enhancing knowledge, skills and attitudes on OSH matters among the workers, employers and the general public. It organizes, design and conducts basic, advanced and special courses for medical personnel, supervisors and workers from both the private and government sectors, such as basic occupational safety and course, construction safety; working environment measurement course; course on pneumoconiosis; voluntary protection program (VPP); fire safety; press machine safety.
Finance & Administrative Division
The Finance and Administrative Division performs functions relating to the general administration of the OSHC in terms of financial, manpower and general services requirements for the operation of the Center.