A total of 7, 775 participants benefitted from the four episodes of the OSHC Webinar Series held this June. The series featured a discussion on scaffolding safety, tuberculosis-free workplace, work environment measurement, and nutrition and physical activity.

Engr. Lorenzo Mantilla Jr., Engineer II of OSHC discussed the different types of scaffolds, identification of hazards associated with the use of supported scaffolds, and safety requirements for the safe use of scaffolds.

On the other hand, Dr. Jehremias Florante of the OSHC discussed DOLE Department Order No. 73-05 or the Guidelines for the Implementation of Policy & Program on TB Prevention and Control in the Workplace. Transmission is most likely from TB-infected workers who have unrecognized PTB, are not on effective anti-TB therapy, and continue to work despite being infectious. Some workplaces with increased TB risk are health care facilities, homeless shelters, prions, nursing homes, workplaces with exposure to silica and biological wastes, workplaces with poor conditions, industries with a large migrant workforce, and sweatshops. Dr. Lalaine Mortera, Deputy Chief of Party and Private Sector Advisor of USAID TB IHSS Project talked about identifying Tuberculosis in the Workplace. While Dr. Richard Castro shared the initiatives of the City of Manila against Tuberculosis.

Ms. Charlene Parafina, Senior Industrial Hygienist of OSHC discussed DOLE Department Order 160-16 and Work Environment Measurement (WEM). Under Rule 1077 of the OSH Standards, the employer shall exert efforts to maintain and control the working environment to promote and maintain the safety and health of the workers. WEM shall be performed periodically as may be necessary but no longer than annually.

Episode 7 featured a lecture on Nutrition and Physical Activity. Dr. Maria Revelyn Galura, Occupational Health Officer of OSHC discussed the Importance of Nutrition. Dr. Roselle Andres, FPCOM talked about exercise and physical activity.

More episodes of the OSHC Webinar Series will be held in July to raise awareness on safety and health issues, and discuss OSH-related government issuances and other relevant OSH concerns to ensure the safety and health of workers.

END/C Diongzon-Donato