Workplaces which use flammable substances (i.e. LPG) or high-pressure applications, like kitchens, laundries and boiler rooms are at risk for fire and explosion. The main hazards are gas leakage followed by ignition (when mixed with air it is highly flammable and potentially explosive). Improper usage or faulty electrical installations could also result in fires.

1. Know where the gas shut off valve is and how to use it. It should be located in a safe area (away from cookers and heat) with proper signage.

2. Store all cylinders (full or empty) in an upright position externally in a secure well ventilated area. Do not store below ground level, or adjacent to openings of buildings or drains.

3. Keep storage areas clear of combustible materials and ignition sources and clearly mark with warning such as no smoking and fire procedure signs.

4. Provide and maintain suitable fire fighting equipment, e.g. dry powder extinguishers, and ensure it is readily

5. In rooms where LPG appliances are used, ensure plenty of high and low level ventilation and provide a readily accessible isolation point to switch off the supply quickly in case of an emergency.

6. Turn off cylinder valves at the end of each working day.

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