Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) SO1 two day training day training with the mandatory 8 hour basic OSH skills and 2 hours of training of trainers. This is a service of the government for safety officers employed in the MSME’s and among industries with low risk category. Unfortunately with the current situation of the pandemic, face to face method of conducting the training has been moved via online platform and with an addition of the service which is already free of charge to ensure that the help and the services of the government still continues.

OSHC REGION 7, as of press time has accumulated 27 batches of SO1 training within the year of 2021. The center has accommodated over 767 participants and is still accepting more until the end of December of this year.

At the end of every training session, we directly administered survey questions to ask our participants, the knowledge that they took away and their overall satisfaction with the two day training. To date, the office received positive feedback from the participants themselves.

With regards to their learning experience, the participants have expressed that the SO1 training has been useful not only to their respective workplaces but also to their everyday lives. This translates to the training’s applicability both in the aspects of work and everyday matters.

Here are some summary of feedback from our participants of the SO1 Training:

  • They were thankful because the government selected them to be the SO1 of the company and they can exercise the functions from which they learn from the training. They were also grateful that they can assist and guide their fellow coworkers in maintaining safety and health in their workplace.
  • The participant’s knowledge has been refreshed and helped them to exercise more caution to the rising risk of the pandemic in workplaces.
  • A few participants enjoyed meeting other people from different industries and to be able to learn together within the two day training course.

The participants not only addressed their learnings, but they also addressed their overall experience of utilizing a new platform in their feedback. Most participants have mentioned that it was their first online training. Some of whom are still learning how to navigate through their devices, some are not familiar with the zoom features, and some with the nervousness of having their webcams broadcasted while learning. Some of the participants expressed that it was their first time hearing about the occupational safety and health which brought them bountiful of insights. Notably, there are participants who are well versed with technology and how online training works. It is such a new experience for everyone else especially when we all are learning how to adapt.

Given the positive feedback, OSHC is thankful for all the support not only from the participants but also from the rest of the OSHC Regional Extension Units as well as the division chiefs who have poured out their support on every training. It brings great joy to be able to send this service to those people who are in need of learning as well as extend a helping hand.

Again, SO1 Trainings are held every week nationwide. You can check the training schedules at the official website: or visit our Facebook page: Oshc Reu-Seven for more details.

Eloise Beryl C. Sayson

Training and Technical Support Staff