The Occupational Safety and Health Center is offering a FREE Seminar on the Safe Use of Chemicals at Work on
May 4 to 6, 2021. Limited slots only.

This seminar is designed to orient the participants on the different aspects of managing and promoting chemical
safety and in developing their capability in implementing solution-oriented approaches on the safe use of chemicals. 
Discussions will focus on the different topics such as the classification of chemicals, GHS Hazard Communications,
storage and handling, health effects, fire and explosion, waste management, operational control, emergency
procedures and management of chemical control program among others.

Minimum Requirements
• BOSH or COSH (40 hours)

Technical Requirements
• Online training technical requirements. Applicants are required to have the following:
• A laptop or a desktop with an internal/external webcam and microphone. Mobile devices such as phones or
tablets are
not allowed.
• Must have an installed spreadsheet and presentation viewing and editing program such as MS Excel, MS
Numbers, Keynote, etc.
• A stable internet connection is recommended (such as Fiber Wi-Fi) and a minimum connection of LTE for
broadband users.
• For prepaid cellular mobile data users, required to have at least an 8GB data allowance/promo per day for
those with
data allocation limits (prepaid cellular/mobile data).

Interested individuals will be screened through the Zoom Registration. Click the button below to register.