This FREE online training is in line with the Department Order 198-18, Guidelines on OSH Standards for the Private Sector, which aims to promote the safety & health of all workers.
The free online BOSH is for workers who are:
• duly endorsed by their admin/HR
• shall be designated by their respective companies as Safety Officer
Course Objectives
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• explain the importance of OSH, national OSH data, legislation & state legal basis of OSH
• identify existing/potential safety & health hazards; describe their effects
• relate the effects of occupational illnesses & accidents to individuals, their families, communities & workplaces
• determine the appropriate control measures for hazards
• describe the importance of effective OSH communication (trainings & meetings)
• explain the roles of safety officers
• identify the components of an OSH program
• develop a workplace-specific re-entry plan
About the Training Platform
• We will use Zoom & Google Classroom
• Join using a desktop/laptop ONLY
• 1 device per participant
Online Training Etiquette
• Wear a decent attire for the all-day sharing of your webcam
• Be respectful
• Be on time
Before the first day, check your email for a confirmation indicating the approval or denial of your registration.
If approved, it will contain information on how to join the training with other reminders.
If denied, it will indicate either of the ff. reasons:
• Full slots
• Minimum technological requirements were not met
• No GMAIL account
Registration Link:
***Confirmation Will be sent a week before the Meeting***
For inquiries kindly call (062)9831680
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