A total of 2, 315 respondents, which cover 7% of all respondents, were chosen randomly using the five-step sampling technique to participate in the 2021 Client Satisfaction Measure Survey conducted by Fernando Paragas, Ph.D., and his team for the Employees Compensation Commission and Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC). The joint overall net satisfaction rating was 94% higher than the 93% for 2020. The OSHC received an overall net rating of 99%, lower than the 99.7% rating for 2020. The source of the less than a percent decline is individual clients.

“I am glad to know that our clients for 2021 are satisfied with our services. Despite the challenges, let us continue delivering our programs with utmost quality while ensuring everyone’s safety,” said OSHC Executive Director Noel C. Binag, CE, MPA.

Across the board, all OSHC respondents were very satisfied with the agency. Some of the positive insights were: effective and engaging speaker, accommodating or responsive to queries, courteous staff, the topics were explained clearly, and the relevancy of issues. High satisfaction levels were consistent for preliminary services, program and technical service, and staff.

END/Cha Diongzon