CHECK THE LABEL! Not all fires are the same. Different fires require different types of fire extinguishers. Know which ones to use for which classes of fire.

CLASS A - Ordinary Combustibles such as wood, paper, rubber, plastic, cloth, etc.

CLASS B - Surface Fire (Flammable/Combustible liquids and gases) such as gasoline, alcohol, paints, thinner, grease, LPG release of gas

CLASS C - Electrical Fire (Involves live electrical equipment) such as motors, electric fan, air-conditioning unit, computer, etc.

CLASS D - Combustible Metals such as aluminum, magnesium, sodium, titanium, etc.

CLASS K - Kitchen Fire (Involving combustible vegetable or animal oils and fats in cooking equipment)

Always remember: Use a portable fire extinguisher only if the fire is small. Don’t try to suppress a large fire. Stand with an exit at your back.

Your personal safety is always the priority.